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 Delta: Change!

On the year 2052. Which weapons fight and kill, against the devastating Revolution: Change who wreak havoc to the world; Delta, A FPS game generally from ROBLOX, and also known as 'The change'. There are different classes you can pick, One of them, you should pick to fight a round. Throughout the battlefield, you must learn their Strengths and their Weaknesses to main them and win. There are 5 abilities you can use and learn to master a class: Lmb,Rmb,Z,X, and C. and they also have passives that could balance them for a less-biased game-play. There are a lot of things to learn about the game, Classes and their potentials, Bosses, Juggernauts, Maps and especially the Lore .

Age Of Delta

Change,something mankind pushes away,something mankind despises,something mankind looks with disdain.However,in truth,man fears change.As the eternal clock moves its hand,as time ticks on-wards,Change is inevitable and the real thing to fear is how mankind will deal with the Change.

So when a child of mere 13 years old,walked by an ancient door,curiosity might have driven him to open that door,but it was change that lurked out of the murky darkness.The Leylines shut so long,once again erupted with magic along the borders of the tectonic plates of the Earth.Mankind was granted immense power,spirits of nature were able to take form in reality...and the spectres crawled out of the cold depths. Curses so powerful and gifts so great,inflicted man.Some grew power hungry,others inflicted with madness but most of the world was able to continue their lives with the pinch of war that shrouded the land.Powerful beings of magic gathered together to form a single arcane Legislature,a mighty government that kept order.The earth was divided into 8 factions. Battlegrounds were formed along the Leylines. Now the battle rages this Age of Delta.

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  • Do not upload any inappropriate content. Via, Do not download any irrelevant pictures or videos to the Delta: Change! wikia. Such as Gore,  pornography, , drugs, etc.that are suited for adults However, comedic and entertaining videos (must be on Youtube) are allowed to be posted or linked to.
  • Sensible and non-sensible ideas must be separated. By other words, We must keep the relevant ideas in one place that prior to the game and the irrelevant ideas must be place on off topics.

Possible Behavior to Contributors

  • Do not use profanity and vulgar language. Or in any other words. Curse/Bad Words that may or may not result on arguments. Offending others is a 'big no' in every wikia. We all need to help each other as a team, because we are a collaboration and a community. We must avoid Salt, Toxicness to eachother and must be friends.
  • Do not create arguments. Do not create arguments, as it is unnecessary, repetitive, and annoying, even if you're wrong or right, you must compromise and speak with eachother assertively, If you are in an argument that is probably gonna be answered by an Admin/Moderator right away and the argument gets worse, kindly stop arguing. This will annoy your fellow contributors, Furthermore, if you want the Wikia clean, delete the offending Thread or Feedback/Reply.
  • Respect your fellow Delta: Change! Wikia Contributors, Moderators, and Administrators. Please respect your friends and their opinions and especially ideas. Disrespecting your friends is futile and pointless, even though you have either more power or knowledge of the game. Also, please respect the highest authority of the Delta wikia (known as moderators and administrators), such as HalcyonicFalcon, o0Sky_Fire0o ..etc. Remember we are a team, we contribute in the same game.
  • Help each other in accepted tasks. As always, we are a team who contribute in the same game. If someone wants a help on adding content on a page, advice or knowledge for the game, reply to them or help them to do so.
  • Do not spam on the pages. As a contributor, you should know the commone senses of thyself. You know that you cannot spam in any communities in Gaming, Do not spam on the pages, this may leave your fellow contributors annoyed. Even though you want attention, it doesn't mean you have to spam in the forum/page. It's important for the wikia to stay organized
  • Do not Troll. Trollers just want to bring attention by doing so they break the rules on the Wikia guidelines, simply block or delete Troll messages from the Wikia.

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